What Is Wanderlust?

So you have probably heard the word wanderlust a couple of times, it is a very famous word among travellers and people who want to travel, if you are wondering what is wanderlust, we explain everything you need to know about what is wanderlust and read on for some travel inspiration. We will definitely motivate you to pack up and gear up for your next journey.

What is Wanderlust? The definition

Wanderlust is strong or irresistible impulse to travel. It is uncontrollable desire to enjoy and explore the world. Check the dictionary here.

Words that are related to wanderlust: traveller, travel, discover, adventure and wanderer.

Wanderlust is a German word, which is derived from “wandern”, which means walking, as in to take a walk, and “Lust”, desire which means a strong desire to travel. It is also associated with discovering new places.

What is wanderlust?

Signs of Wanderlust

  1. You have a world map and you have marked the places you have visited and the places you plan on visiting next.
  2. You follow a whole lot of travel blogs on Instagram and Twitter.
  3. When you travel, you pack light.
  4. You have all the pictures of yourself in every place that you have visited, displayed and you constantly look at them when you at home.
  5. You know all the airlines and which are the best options, and the ones that are the worst.
  6. Your passport is full of stamps.
  7. All your money goes towards your next trip. You are constantly saving up for your next trip.
  8. Your phone is full of travel apps.
  9. You know the currency exchange rates without having to look them up.
  10. You are always giving others travel inspiration.
  11. You are always Googling and searching for different places to visit.
  12. You are familiar with the time zones across the globe.
  13. You can make yourself at home anywhere in the world.

Embrace Wanderlust

Once you have established what is wanderlust and that you might have feelings of wanderlust, you feel bored and depressed when you are at home. Everytime you are at home, you want to pack up and board your next flight or gear up for your next adventure. Even when you have no money in the bank. There is nothing wrong with these feelings, embrace it.